SanSmart’s Commercial Hygiene Solutions

Get acquainted with the products revolutionising our approach to hygiene.

The fight against diseases and contaminants in the workplace is a daily struggle. Particularly for those businesses operating within hygiene-critical industrial or commercial environments such as healthcare, restoration, and food processing where safety regulations are tough, and meeting them is that much tougher. To win this fight? You need the right tools.

Keep reading to find out how hygiene product manufacturers and suppliers such as SanSmart are stepping up to meet this challenge, equipping businesses across New Zealand and the greater South Pacific Region with innovative industrial grade hand sanitisers, surface cleaners, and odour control products for safer, cleaner, more profitable workplaces.

Hand Hygiene and Sanitisation

Related products include foaming soap, instant mist hand sanitiser, and industrial hand sanitiser dispensers .

Foaming Soap & The Future Of Hand Hygiene

Handwashing remains the simplest, quickest, most effective way to halt the spread of bacteria and germs within the workplace. But just any old hand hygiene products simply won’t cut it. In recent times, instant mist and foaming soap solutions have filled this niche, offering the kind of cost-effective, immediate solution that businesses demand and, in turn, increasing hand hygiene awareness and compliance across the board.
Hand Sanitisers & Hygiene

Easy To Use, Even Easier To Set Up

Foaming soap makes life easy. Sanitising stations can be placed virtually anywhere, such as onto walls, portable stands, as well as areas where sinks are not accessible such as next to cash registers and other equipment. By supplementing hand-washing programs in this way, businesses are able to reduce risk and liability all while increasing safety awareness amongst personnel, customers, and the public.

A Formula That Maximise Coverage & Cleanliness

SanSmart’s hand hygiene and sanitiser systems are one such example of this, encompassing a unique atomised dispensing spray of solution which, provided the right technique is used, will cover all of those hard to reach areas of the hands.

This combination of product effectiveness, proper technique, and unique dispensing methods sees SanSmart systems outperform all other hand sanitising options on the market. It provides complete coverage and saturation, ensuring high risk areas of the hands including fingertips, nails, and cuticles, as well as all the creases and crevices that are potential harbours for pathogens receive a full strength application every time.

SanSmart’s formula is engineered for the food industries to ensure they meet current USA FDA food codes and NZFSA and AgriQuality requirements. They do not require rinsing prior to touching food. This in comparison to gels which, according to the USA FDA code, require rinsing before food can be touched and new studies are suggesting bacterial build up is possible because gelling agents can trap bacteria on the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is foaming soap?

There’s just no mistaking the thick, soapy lather of a quality foaming soap. Click through to find out more about what, exactly, foaming soap is, and how it achieved its status as an affordable, efficient, sustainable go-to for hand hygiene the world over.

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How does a foaming soap dispenser work?

Foaming soap isn’t foaming soap without a dispenser. Otherwise, it’s just regular soap! Click through to find out more about how foaming soap dispensers transform the liquid formula into the thick, foamy lather businesses are familiar with.

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When should hand hygiene be performed?

The washing of hands remains one of the most effective methods for controlling the spread of germs, bacteria, and diseases in the workplace. Click through to find out more about when, where, and why employees should be washing their hands.

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Why is hand hygiene so important?

Kiwi businesses are always looking for an advantage in the war against germs. Click through to find out what role proper hand hygiene plays, and why it’s many business’ leading weapon against contamination in the workplace.

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Food Processing Hygiene

Related products include food grade surface sanitisers, tacky roll mops, and microbe guard towels.

SmartSan D2 Surface Sanitiser

Unclean hands and wiping products remain one of the leading causes of the spread of bacteria in the food service environment. Ensuring the right products are available to help comply with HACCP and Food Safety regulations and guidelines is vital to maintaining the cleanest food service environment possible.

What is the HACCP?

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is a program used to identify possible areas of contamination and institute a process to minimise risks. While originally deployed in the food processing industry, HACCP has now moved into the food service arena. This has actually seen hands designated as a Critical Control Point.

Floor & Foot Sanitisers


Related products include footbaths and tacky mats.

Workplace hygiene isn’t all about the hands. Footwear is another potential contamination risk. One easy and rapid method to ‘stop contamination at the door’ is through the use of floor and foot sanitisers such as a uniquely designed and fully moulded rubber Footbath that both ‘cleans and sanitises’. Rubber fingers clean the shoe soles, while the antiseptic solution sanitises them.

This superb double actions helps to keep contamination from reaching food processing and other hygiene-critical areas.

Odour Neutralisation

Related products include deodorgrans, air freshener, odour neutralisers, and industrial odour control equipment


Workplace hygiene isn’t all about touch. In fact, strong or harmful odours pose their own challenges to those working in hygiene-critical environments. To combat them? Businesses require a solution that targets, controls, and eliminates odours directly at the source.

Vaportek’s odour control and neutralisation system is one such solution, employing an odour neutralising compound, or oil, which modifies the olfactory nature of unwanted odours to the point where the odour simply disappears. When two substances of given concentrations are mixed, the resulting odour may be far less intense than that of separate components. This is the principle behind odour modification, or neutralisation and the basis for Vaportek’s odour neutralising products.

These proprietary compounds are hermetically sealed within specially formed membranes, which allow them to breathe through the surface as a vapour. Meanwhile, Vaportek’s disk system employs a special fibre elements which is infused with the same natural blends. Both systems rely on convection to carry the vapour quickly wherever air circulates – whether diffused passively or through the use of electrical or battery powered machines.

Vaportek products have proven effective in millions of uses – including hospitals and long-term care medical facilities; oil reclamation areas; rubber, asbestos, shoe and fibreglass manufacturing plants; tanning and paint solvent companies; hotels; athletic facilities; office buildings, and fire and restoration work.

Odour Control Product Safety

  • Vaportek products address important safety issues in today’s market.
  • Products are CFC-free and do not deplete the ozone layer.
  • Products do not generate ozone and are not subject to ozone restrictions.
  • Contain no added alcohol or petroleum distillates.
  • Membranes and elements are spill proof and designed for minimal waste generation.
  • Oil compounds are non-toxic by design and contain natural ingredients.
  • Contain no inert ingredients.