3L Smart San Antibacterial Foaming Soap with Dispenser

The thick, soapy lather of foaming soap has grown in popularity over the last decade, thanks to its excellent coverage and superb cleansing characteristics which achieve the same level of hand hygiene – with less soap per wash – than conventional liquid or bar soaps.

In fact, foaming soap has been found to offer the lowest total cost per wash, going twice as far as regular liquid soap while using anywhere from 16 to 45 percent less water.

Foaming soap makes for an affordable, efficient, sustainable solution. Its powerful formula gently washes away germs, while its easy operation encourages more thorough hand washing and an increased adoption of proper hand hygiene practices within hygiene-critical environments within the healthcare and food service industries.

In truth, foaming soap is a variety of liquid soap. However it doesn’t rely on harsh chemicals to create its signature lather. Instead? The soap is dispensed via specialised commercial foaming soap dispensers which naturally infuse the soap with air when activated.

The absence of harsh chemicals involved in the foaming process makes it the ideal hygiene solution for environmentally conscious businesses, while its increased coverage means consumers benefit from having to buy less soap, less often.