3L Smart San Antibacterial Foaming Soap with Dispenser

Year in, year out, businesses across New Zealand go to great lengths to limit the spread of germs and disease in the workplace. This is particularly true of those businesses that operate within hygiene critical industries such as food handling and processing, healthcare, and restoration.

There’s no denying this process is both costly and time-consuming. Off-the-shelf and commercial hand sanitisers remain an effective solution when going toe-to-toe with germs, but they’re not the only viable option.

Hand hygiene – that is, the simple act of washing hands – remains the single most important method for preventing the spread of germs. This is hardly surprising, given hands remains one of the leading causes of germ and disease transfer, from rubbing eyes and wiping noses to preparing food and typing on keyboards.

With the combined use of hand hygiene products such as foaming soaps and soap dispensers, stations, and machines – as well as effective hand hygiene policies and procedures – businesses can effectively manage the spread of disease within the workplace. It’s a preventative, proactive way to address the very real concerns around the spread of germs.

Did You Know? The belief that hot water alone can kill bacteria is actually a long-held myth. In reality, only water that exceeds a temperature of 140C (284F) is capable of killing germs. A temperature that far exceeds safe levels for contact with human skin.