Odour Control Products & Equipment

Instantly neutralise tough odours at the source with SanSmart’s range of Vaportek odour control products, all specially designed to create a fresh, pleasantly scented environment for businesses operating in food, retail, landfill, leisure, or commercial industries. If there’s an odour you need to control, consider SanSmart!

  • Vaportek Deodorgrans Odor Control Granules


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  • Vaportek's Range Of ECOZ Odor Neutralizers


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  • Cartridges

    Optimum 4000 & Restorator Cartridges

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  • 90-2601

    Vaportronic Wall Cabinet

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  • Vaportek Stand Alone in Stabiliser

    Heavy Duty Stand Alone Cartridges

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  • Vaportek BIO C Professional Formula Concentrate


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  • Contact N 940ml

    Contact N

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  • VT_Restorator

    Restorator Odour Control Unit

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  • Optimum 4000

    Optimum 4000 Odour Neutraliser Unit

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  • VaporShark

    Vaporshark 240v Odour Neutraliser Unit

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  • VT_Tablet+holder

    EZ Twist Air Freshener

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More on SanSmart Odour Control Equipment

Workplace hygiene is often preoccupied with touch, but what about smell? Strong or harmful odours don’t just affect those operating within the environment, but those around it, too. Masking odours is no longer an effective solution, instead you need to be able to target and eliminate odours at the source. SanSmart’s selection of odour control products and units are designed to do just this by providing an environmentally, user friendly product that controls strong odours.

SanSmart’s range includes Deodorgrans which offer a powerful yet economical odour control solution that neutralises smells on contact. Meanwhile, ECOZ is perfect for floors, walls, and other surfaces such as clothing and textiles when stubborn smells like smoke need to be removed. SanSmart’s range even includes wall cabinets, odour control units with fans, as well as air fresheners and cartridges with endless applications within biohazardous medical and food waste, pet care, real estate, and hospitality sectors.