Odour Control Units & Neutralisers

Control and eliminate food, smoke, and other bad odours with SanSmart’s range of Odour Control Units. From the portable Restorator through to the Optimum, SanSmart’s lineup provides the ideal solution for a broad range of industries including health care, schools, hospitality and transport. Eliminate nasty odours with SanSmart!

  • VT_Restorator

    Restorator Odour Control Unit

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  • Optimum 4000

    Optimum 4000 Odour Neutraliser Unit

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  • VaporShark

    Vaporshark 240v Odour Neutraliser Unit

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More on SanSmart Odour Control Units

Many of today’s leading solutions simply mask the issue. SanSmart’s lineup of Odour Control Units are specially designed to help your business eliminate bad smells at the source, without the need for ineffective gels, liquids, sprays, or other traditional neutralisation solutions.

SanSmart’s range includes the portable, lightweight Restorator which is specially designed for quick “knock down” situations, safely and quickly removing odours with no recovery period required post-treatment. For larger areas, the Optimum 4000 effectively treats spaces as large as 186sq m, while the Vaporshark leaves areas smelling fresh without leaving behind nasty residue.

Whatever your needs, SanSmart has a solution for you. Each unit is perfectly suited for a wide spectrum of commercial industries and situations, including health care, veterinarian clinics, as well as fire and flood restoration.