EZ Twist Air Freshener

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Product Description

The EZ Twist is “simply” an adjustable odour neutraliser / air freshener for small areas where quick, safe and long acting deodorisation is desired. It utilises a special non-woven fibre element impregnated with natural oil blends to release an effective neutralising dry vapour into the air.

This compact unit requires no electricity or batteries – it relies on gentle air movement passing over the neutralising element to constantly refresh the air.  By rotating the cover, output can be precisely adjusted to meet user needs and to prolong product life.

Product Features / Benefits

  • Simple to use
  • Cost effective – 30 days or more deodorisation
  • Ecologically friendly
  • Size – 75mm wide x 25mm deep
  • Ivory Housing
  • Approx. area coverage is 350sq ft (32.52 sq m)

Fragrances include

 Neutral Neutral 34-7600
 Lemon Lemon 34-7600-05
Potpourri Potpourri 34-7600-10
 Berry Berry 34-7600-15
 Orchard Orchard 34-7600-20
 Vanilla Vanilla 34-7600-45
 Lavender Lavender 34-7600-50
Ocean Ocean 34-7600-80