SmartSan Surface Sanitiser for food and non food contact surfaces
70/30 Surface Sanitiser 5L70/30 Surface Sanitiser 20L70/30 Surface Sanitiser Wipes

Smart San 70/30 Surface Sanitiser

70/30 is a non-QAC ready-to-use surface sanitiser.

Product Description

Smart-San 70/30 Surface Sanitiser is a highly evaporative no rinse ethanol based sanitiser formulated for almost any sanitising application. It is approved for use in the dairy industry.  The ethanol is 70% v/v with 1.5% Methanol as the denaturant.  Smart-San 70/30 is ready to use and requires no rinse before production starts.

Key Features / Benefits

  • MPI C41 and 70/30 Wipes MPI C44
  • AsureQuality Assessed
  • Dairy Approved
  • Ready to use
  • Highly evaporative
  • No rinse
  • QAC free

Smart-San 70/30 available in:

1 Litre 70/30.  Code – DA 1L.  Trigger bottle.

5 Litre 70/30.  Code – DA 5L.  

20 Litre 70/30.  Code – DA 20L.

Empty 1L Labeled Trigger Bottles.  Code – DAMT1L.

70/30 Wipes.  Code – DAWIPE.